• Cheap = your profit!
  • Without limiting useability

Low Power and Powerfull

  • Can operated on single coincell battery for many years.
  • Powerfull Cortex-M0+


  • You can bend it and it will break
  • But... has many features which can be used on almost any pin.
  • For example; the on board MOSFETs, you can drive an RGB Ledstrip without any other components.

Easy to Integrate

  • Small, compact, fits anywhere you can think of
  • Only 22,5mm x 27.5mm, inches ehh what?
  • Intergrates nice with any homeautomation system that support MQTT, OPENHAB for example.

Complete solution

  • Temperature sensor
  • 4MBit Flash
  • Radio
  • Several power supply options (1.8 ~ 16V)

OTA Update

  • Yes, this works
  • Always the latest firmware in all ANTs
  • Updating takes only 3 seconds


  • No it is NOT actual transparent, you can't look through coper and epoxy reinforced with fiberglass.
  • We do give a transparent interface, you can modify anything you want.

Open Source

  • Because we like it
  • We like to share our ideas with you
  • All our Hardware and software is released under BSDv3 license


ANT-module a small yet very powerfull module to connect the real world to the controlling environment. It has been developed to be very low power, though maintaining a flexible general purpose base for automation and remote sensing. Not only the microcontroller is designed and programmed to operate as using very little energy, all onboard systems are selected to be very energy efficient and where needed subsystems can be switched off to reduce power even more.

But ANT is so much more...


The ANT-module will not run with actual brains. The ANT-firmware is developed such that either you can choose to use the out-of-the-box software or develop your own. In both cases, whether you'd like to roll-out an update, or just play around and debug this can be done over-the-air.

Yes there is a fail-save build in, something goes wrong, in no case you'll brick the module.